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California Liquidity Services sells items for you on eBay. You drop-off your items. We do the work and you get a check. It's that easy.

What we do:

  • Test anything with a battery or a plug
  • Authenticate designer goods
  • Take professional photographs
  • Write detailed listings
  • Email you with updates about your item
  • Store items during the auction process
  • Answer questions from eBay buyers
  • Carefully pack and ship to the buyer
  • Handle any returns
  • Process payment
  • Send you a check

Why California Liquidity Services?

It's easy. It's fun. It's a check in the mail!

  • We're convenient. California Liquidity Services is the only eBay consignment service available nationwide, offering the convenience of over 3,800 different drop-off locations.
  • We're staffed with professionals. We have experienced photographers, expert researchers, skilled shippers and meticulous testers – all working to provide you with the ultimate eBay experience.
  • We're big on Customer Service. Our call center is dedicated to answering all of your questions. Want to know what your item's worth? Please contact us Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm, via email or phone at 1-866-DROP-IT-OFF (1-866-376-7486).

Corporate Information

California liquidity Services is a division of MI Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in reverse logistics. Click here for our parent company website


Provide people with a simple, fun, and convenient way to sell things on eBay.

Processing strategy:
AuctionDrop leverages a "hub-and-spoke" model. AuctionDrop drop-off locations ship all items to a central processing center for evaluation, photography, listing and order fulfillment. This centralized facility ensures AuctionDrop can offer customers the best possible eBay experience, outstanding quality control, generate maximum value for their items, and reduce online auction fraud.

Ali Irani-Tehrani, President and co-founder
Amir Tafreshi, CTO and co-founder
Kenneth Maddux, VP of Customer Service
James Harris, Warehouse and Operations

California Liquidity Services: History

How AuctionDrop Works
It's easy to use AuctionDrop. Items must weigh less than 25 lbs and have a minimum eBay value of $75. Call us to find out what your items could be worth on eBay. Then drop them off at any of The UPS Store locations nationwide. They'll pack and ship them to us at no charge to you.

At the AuctionDrop processing center, the items are evaluated, photographed, researched and listed on eBay. When the auctions end, AuctionDrop processes payment, packs and ships the item to the buyer and sends a check to you. AuctionDrop takes a variable service fee once the auction ends. If an item does not sell, it will be returned at no additional cost. AuctionDrop also provides exceptional customer service throughout the auction process for both sellers and buyers.

The Evolution of AuctionDrop
AuctionDrop was launched in March of 2003 by Randy Adams. Adams, a successful “serial entrepreneur” who previously founded the Internet Shopping Network, conceived the idea for AuctionDrop after his wife asked him to clean out the garage and post everything on eBay. Realizing the potential for a business that made eBay accessible to everyone, Adams took his idea to Silicon Valley veterans Bill Rollinson and Andy Jeffrey. Together they created the first company that made it easy for people to sell goods on eBay. Today, Adams remains actively involved in AuctionDrop in an advisory role.

In May of 2004, AuctionDrop signed an agreement with UPS. This agreement gave people instant access to over 3,800 drop-off locations nationwide and greatly expanded AuctionDrop's reach. As a result, you can now visit any of The UPS Store locations in the United States to drop off and sell items on eBay.

With thousands of items successfully sold on eBay, AuctionDrop knows which items perform best. Our expertise is leveraged to ensure customers enjoy a positive selling and buying experience.

The AuctionDrop Advantage
AuctionDrop provides consistency and quality control by maintaining a centralized processing facility in Fremont, CA capable of handling 5,000 items a day at capacity. By leveraging a "hub-and-spoke" model, AuctionDrop taps into technologies and processes that ensure an efficient listing process. And because AuctionDrop items have been carefully photographed, listed and verified against fraud, buyers can feel confident about what they're purchasing.

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