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We'll turn your items into hard cash by selling it on eBay! We'll either cut you a check on the spot or wait until your item is sold. It's that easy!

Just bring in the items you'd like to sell to our distribution warehouse and we'll do all the prepration and selling dirty work!. We'll test and research your items, write compelling descriptions and take quality photographs, and then list it on eBay. We'll take care of all the questions and communications too...all you need to do is check your mailbox for your check!

Your items will be processed and stored in our insured distribution center. If your items doesn't sell, we'll donate it to your favorite charity, or attempt to sell it again.

Stop by and visit us today to see why CLS is the easiest way to sell your items on eBay! Don't have the time? Fill our our quick webform now and we'll send you a reply within 24 hours!

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