Friday, April 21, 2006


happy customer

> From: edfratz> To:> Subject:> Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 08:05:11 -0400> > John,> Just want to say thanks for the laughs last week in Vegas. I was the big guy with the Hawaiian shirt and the Jewish wife. We really appreciated the time you gave us after the show to take some pictures. We look forward to seeing you out here in West Palm and rest assured I will be there with the same shirt on. I will even give the beer contest a try.> Thanks again Ed and Michele
answer: hopefully I'll see you if my show ever gets to west palm, but do me a favor, leave the shirt at home, & if you're going to wear it, sit in the front row so I can goof on you again!

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about your stutter

> Hi there.> I have watched you on the Howard Stern show and you had a really pronounced stutter. Now I know they called you "stuttering John". Was that an act?> I see you on Jay Leno and there is no stutter.> I only ask because I have had a speech impediment all my life. Sometimes it's pronounced and sometimes, well, you would never know I have a problem.> So if you don't mind answering my question. Do you stutter or is it an act?> Thanks.> melody
answer: I wish I were that good of actor

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


my view

> Hey John,> > Miss you on Howard but you're doing a great job on Leno. I was listening to > Howard the other day and Artie was talking about a recent visit to your home > in LA and he kept saying the view from your house was something like he > would have seen in the movies. He said it was unbelievable. So how about > it, can you add that "view" he was talking about yo your photo gallery > section of your website? So all your fans can appreciate this fine view he > was talking about.> > Thanks,> > Chris Prosper, TX> > answer: as soon as I get a digital camera & figure out how to use it, thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it

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my house on stern

> From: sandtrucker> To:> Subject: Hey John> Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 06:13:39 -0700> > What's up John. Hey, I just wanted to say, that when I hear Howard talk shit about you on the show, I get pissed off, because you seem like a good dude, and I don't think you deserve it. Gary and Artie actually were saying good stuff about your house and how nice the back yard hills view was, and you can tell Howard is pissed off that you are happy. What a dick! It pisses me off John, I don't see why he just can't say good for John, and that's great that he's doing well, and I feel good that I had something to do with that. Howard's a pretty selfish motherfucker, I like the show, it's entertaining, but when he rips on people that don't deserve it, I don't care for it. I'm a native Californian, 44 years, and I live in Yucaipa. I have beautiful big views of Big Bear, just like "bam!" in your face when you go out the front door, snow and all, it's just beautiful. Out the back it's the wilderness of the county park, no houses, it's great. So I can relate to your nice views of the hills in Calabasas, I'd like to see your back view, send me some pics. I can't live without mountains, it's a spiritual thing. I'll probably never move from California, without hills and mountains, I feel claustrophobic. Here's a front pic from my front yard. Take it easy John. -MM> <@>
answer: thanks so much, dude, I get so many e-mails saying the same thing about him, I don't think he likes it when other people do well, I feel the same way about the view, the only thing better would be to be near the water

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Saturday, April 15, 2006


my gay wave

----------------------------------------------- > From:> Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 10:33:43 -0400> Subject: Re: (no subject)> To:> > You got a good point there answer: ha, trust me, I'd rather hold up signs saying hello to the people who e-mail me

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my gay wave

> Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 10:11:09 -0400> John who decided that you do that gay salute to the camera every night? Seriously, I'm really curious....I bet it was Jay. Otherwise your doing a great job. Later, Mike
answer: ha-ha that's so funny, I tried a few things out & this is what they liked best, it certainly wasn't jay's idea, I'll tell you what, pretend there's a camera on you & then somebody introduces you, let's see what you would do, if you ask me, everything looks gay, let me know what you came up with

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aj benza question

> From: Andyboy1185> Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 13:51:11 -0400> Subject: Re: hey> did u ever make up with aj benza?
answer: he apologized to me via e-mail, alls forgiven, he was going through a tough time with losing his e show, no gossip column, although hes lucky that garys teeth got in the way of my retaliation punch

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


a nice one

hey john how u doin buddy i luv u man u were my favorite member on the stern show i wish u were still on it but im glad u moved up to the tonight show good luck with everything-andy answer: thanks dude, nice to hear something positive

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Saturday, April 08, 2006


moreon stuttering fake?

John>>I'm not being a wise ass. I've always been a fan of yours on Howard's show though it's been a long time since I have been able to catch it. I asked because up until now, I've only known you as "Stutterin' John", I've heard you seem totally without control at times. Then one night I see you on the Tonight show and I thought something to the effect of, "Sonofabitch, taking all that crap from Howard finally paid off for him, he got a break, look at him now." ( I know what it's like to have a talent and never get that big break), I was ecstatic for you man. You looked great and you sounded great. And then I thought, ( with humor not anger )"Sonofabitch, the whole stuttering thing was a put-on, he doesn't stutter at all". And I assumed you "got us"and had a laugh on us, and I laughed right along with you. When I found out you had a web site I wanted to ask you personally and get the story straight from you.>>I hope you weren't offended. I certainly meant no disrespect. Perhaps my use of the word "phony" was a little harsh, but it wasn't meant as a characterization of yourself, believe me.>>I always knew about Mel Tillis but not the others. Does your explanation mean that when you do the announcing that you are able to control your stuttering because you are acting, as opposed to being yourself. Today, when speaking in a "normal" tone and volume, do you still stutter? I mean if I never saw your face or heard your name mentioned on the Tonight show, I would not have known it was you at all. After seeing and hearing you now, I admit that find it a little hard to believe that you weren't at least putting it on a little bit when on Howard's show.>>I'm also interested in how you hooked up with Jay Leno if you'd care to share that.>>Thanks for responding. I appreciated it very much. I wish you all the best for continued success.>>Regards>Fred >Philadelphia PA
answer: I'll say it again, I never faked a stutter, you should see the raw tape of some of my correspondent pieces, I stutter throughout, although, maybe not as much, confidence played a key part in my "recovery" as well as the cadence of the announce, also, the tonight show is not looking to exploit a stutterer, so, yes I am a tad more relaxed, & yes, I am a lot less angry, maybe because, I'm finally leading a life that I always dreamed of leading

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Friday, April 07, 2006


stuttering fake?

John>>So was the whole stuttering thing phony from the git-go or what? I used to feel for you when Howard would bust on you like he did.>>Fred>Philadelphia
answer: absolutely not, why do you ask, if it's because I do the announce stutter-free, that's because it is at a higher volume & in an announcer-like character, carly simon, mel tillis, gregory peck, james earle jones, all stutterers, are they "faking" it as well?

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