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my music

Hello John,

Never emailed you before, thought I would say hi. Always enjoyed the interviews on Howard.

Your music is great!

Hope all is well,

Asa Bryan Shaddix

answer: thanks. I always like to hear from my deaf fans

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hey john, wasup, i saw your article on the nsa website, my name is also john and i am also a stutterer, i was wondering, how can someone get a job on the tonight show writing sketch comedy, i write sketch comedy, and would be interested if there were any possible openings, thanks for ur time :)

wo, wo, wo, dude, the tonight show has a strict policy, only hire 1 stutterer per year & that gig is taken!

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help is on the way?

My name is Greg Skokandich and I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. I am the Auctions Manager for an organisation called the Charity Auctions and my objectives are to raise money and awareness of the Project Hope Foundation. I am emailing different celebrity stars from around the world in the hope they may like to donate goods. Examples may be signed photos or merchandise. The plan is to start the auctions from June. I realise you are a very busy person and probably get numerous emails like mine. I am happy to send you further information though if necessary.
My Project Hope co-ordinator is
The Project Hope Foundation

answer: Dude, if you think anything signed by me would raise any money I'll send you something... new zealand?.. my autograph aint even worth anything in the united states let alone new zealand

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006



John since you have been off the show it left a huge gap that has been left open. Even though sal and Richard have been a comedic boost there is no replacing the way you could tell a story about a weekend with Artie or asking Howard questions about Beth in bed or past relationships after Allison and b4 Beth. Nobody has the ballz but you bro! I have a few questions for you. Be honest no bullshit I know the money is great and the celebrities must be fun to meet but you have to be FUCKING ripping your hair out and realise what a great gig that was your married and got to feel up chicks and get paid for it. It dont get better than that. So tell me in your own words what you miss most about the show. And i also read online you are getting a divorce is that a rumor? Keep up the good work I enjoy you on Jay but miss you on Stern. Eddie... ps. i also heard if you would of waited Howard would of gave you more money than your making now did you hear that ! answer: no divorce plans, howard could have given me a million a year but I wanted to go, it was time, people forget that I was there for 15 years

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Hey John,

Hey John,Any chance at all you had a picture taken of you interviewing a disgusted Fred Gwynne years ago at his art opening? I'm revising my book on The Munsters ("The Revived Edition") for publication next year and I'd love to mention, of course, your hilarious interview with him. Is there a transcript or audio file of it somewhere so I make sure I get the text correct? Thanks.Steve answer: unfortunately there were no pictures taken at that event although it is one of my favorite interviews, best, john

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comedy gigs

hey come see me at the comedy connection in chicopee masachusetees, january 28th & at the comedy connection in boston, january 29th

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